All you need to know about smart travelling

Tripinferno is a site that pulls together a community of people who share the same passion for traveling. The site collects posts on how to travel safely. We feature posts on how to explore the most distant places in the world and share the unique experience of other travellors. All our posts are stuffed with useful material and contain tons of photos occasionally shot during all our trips. You can become the site contributor by leaving comments on any of our weekly posts.

Our Goals

We are passionate about bringing new travelling style to the community of travellers who want to get a true idea of the country they visit, who strive to delve into its history, culture, and get the most of their travelling adventure rather than to limit themselves to sitting behind the bars of some 5-star hotel. Usually, we advise on choosing the best hiking equipment, finding the most reliable travelling gear and a professional and versatile guide who will be able to show the best places in the country. We offer tips for planning travels around the country, for meeting the right people, and going to the best and most exotic places.

The Purpose of the Project

After hearing tons of miraculously stupid comments from the people who occasionally visited the country or heard something about the country but in reality know nothing about it I concluded that my experience can be of some use. I am here to help you to get the most of your trip to an unknown country.